1point2 | Services

1point2 provides the full set of architectural SIA services. 1point2’s structure of services is tailor-made to fit the needs of each project.

In addition to 1point2’s creativity, the firm proposes realistic and pragmatic solutions to fit the real-world needs of its clients. The collaborative process then brings the project to life.

Assistance to the project owner and consulting

Consulting for the development of any real estate project. The mandate can partially or fully represent the client for all project needs.

  • Analysis of a real estate project
  • Financial optimization, cost estimation, auto-financing analysis
  • Assistance to project parameters and set-up
  • Management of different phases : proposition of the project’s financial goals, negotiation of a loan, creation of contracts


Assistance au maître d’ouvrage et consulting

Project development

Creative design of a project based on the wants and needs of a client.

1point2 develops projects that reflect the desires of a client while taking into account real-world factors: technical constraints, construction rulings, budget, and timelines.

  • Active listening to understand the full scope of the project
  • First project proposal and further iterations conceived to optimize all constraints as well as reach the highest degree of satisfaction
  • Integration of other specialists early in the process in order to foresee all possible information necessary 
Conception de projet

Construction permit

1point2 creates the construction permit request and submits it to the authorities. Follow-ups are also done until the permit is received in order to keep an efficient timeline.

  • Analysis and verification of construction rulings
  • Consultation with the key authorities if necessary
  • Support, consultation, and management of oppositions
  • Follow-up until reception of the permit
Permis de construire

Construction & Planning

Management of construction site so that the big picture becomes a reality within a strict respect of budget and timeline. During the entire process the quality envisioned is enforced at the finest level of detail.

  • Calls for tender on the open market and comparisons
  • Construction site management and cost controlling
  • Planning management and change management