Building a house is a fabulous adventure if you are in good hands.
From the beginning of our collaboration until the end of the building site, your technical expertise, your professionalism, and your enthusiasm were key elements in bringing the house we had our heart set on to life.
A big thank you to the 1point2 team.

New construction of an individual villa

The 1point2 team believed in our project from the start. They helped us to build our dream in the best of conditions. With the trust-based relationship that we had throughout the construction, it was a real pleasure to work with them. Thank you for your professionalism and passion.

New construction of an individual villa

It’s because of 1point2 that I had the confidence to go forward with my dream project.


With 1point2, I’m always calm about my construction site.

New construction of twin villas

Our harmoniously designed offices, full of light, allowed our employees to quickly integrate into their work space and build a new work dynamic. With both modern touches and with our company’s heritage at the heart of the design, our new environment embodies our brand.

Sandy Scullion
VP Regional General Manager Western Europe, Middle East & Africa
Office space creation

1point2 works in a personalised way, always listening and always ready with creative solutions.

New construction of a master villa

Not only are they excellent architectes, highly professional and with a real entrepreneurial spirit; they were also were present with us for the whole duration of the project!

Thank you 1point2!

Construction of a day-care center

From the first meeting, Marius and Victor completely understood our wishes and needs. They proposed a project which corresponded perfectly, both creative and efficient. We are delighted and looking forward to continuing the adventure with them.

Adeline and Pierre-Alexandre
Extension and renovation of a villa