The project is based on an interdisciplinary teamwork process over a whole semester. The aim is to reunite students in their masters program to propose a 50m indoor pool for the community of Reinach. In doing so other stakeholders are of a concern (e.g. CEMEX, ProHallenbad, community of Reinach). The students are challenged to respond to these needs and learn how to work as a group towards their main goals. By following the international swimming standards the 50m is only the basis of the task.

Throughout the project the students meet over the internet with video conferencing to discuss the project. All decisions, proposals, theories and questions are posed by email and through weekly meetings. Coaches for each discipline are present to aid the students wherever needed. The elope programs aim is to facilitate future interdisciplinary teamwork through this experience.

The team has the privilege of having an architect, construction managers, a civil engineer, a mechanical engineer and a landscape architect as well. This experience has led the team to propose a pool that not only meets the demands of the community of Reinach but also proposes a revolutionary approach to achieve this common goal for all stakeholders. The team wishes for this method to be adapted for a modularity in all aspects: structure, functions, dimensions, financing.


To propose a multifunctional pool that is convincing, challenging, and well integrated to the city of Reinach with an innovative approach that responds to the demands of the community.

· The private swimming club of Reinach

· The community of Reinach and the inhabitants

· ProHallenbad

· CEMEX – Innovation of concrete and its uses

· Understanding all factors concerning the project of a 50m pool

· Sustainability that is coherent with all factors of the project

· Process and organization with our group

· Interdisciplinary solutions


· The pool and buildings concept must permit all concerned domains to be integrated innovatively, intelligently and optimized.

· The pool must be able to be flexible in its program such that the conception proposal of elope can be adapted for later ideas.

· Concrete innovation

· Strategic and coherent implantation and form.

· Daylight giving an outside feeling whilst indoors.

· Atmospheres, colors, lights, and materials for a comfortable feeling.

· Large span structure whilst keeping the ‘cozy’ feeling.

· Additional functions will not disturb the 50m pool but will bring inmore stakeholders and a more attractive building for the city.

University – Bern University of Applied Sciences

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