Your project needs personal attention


Whether you are building your dream home, an office space or an investment project, all of these have common elements:

You have a vision – a dream realized by creating living space to meet your needs.

Through our expertise in contemporary architecture, we use our unique philosophy to create truly usable and optimized living spaces that contain “that special touch” that will stand the test of time. Here’s how.

Only the best local professionals


1point2 deeply values all collaborators around a project. By mixing your ideas with those of the best local professionals ­– with whom we have long-standing partnerships –­ we construct a vision of your project that exceeds what any one person can imagine. We run your project from beginning to end and ensure that the vision we create with you comes to life.

Your budget


Our prices are transparent. In order to position ourselves as your true partners from the beginning, we run most projects on a fixed-price basis. By taking any variation of billing out of the way, we create an environment with the focus on your project and satisfaction.


Your savings


As your partners, you can rely on us to navigate the construction industry that realizes your project. We control all variations in price, optimizations on your behalf are made, and savings are passed on to you.

An enriching experience


We put everything in place so that this journey is a fun one. We run turn-key projects; you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want in any phase. Our solutions and working style are always adapted to you. It is your dream we build. We are honored to transform your living style and aesthetic preferences into an architectural reality.

Swiss & international


We are a Swiss-International team. In addition to guiding you through the design & build process from an architectural point of view, if you come from another part of the world, we can also help you bridge the cultural and information gap.

Free consultation


We would be happy to meet you for a free consultation. Whether you are still looking for land or already have the first part of your project in place, we are happy to help. Drop us a line and we will contact you the next working day.

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