Social grafting


The EPFL campus and neighboring residential zone of Ecublens are independently developing communities that meet at the Tir-Federal cantonal road, causing increasing social ruptures. Cross-mobility is nearly absent and the communities are continuously expanding inwards, resulting in significant mutual enclosure. The area is dense and inhabited by a vast and rich range of social and cultural groups. The thesis departs from the hypothesis that a nuanced connection between the communities would benefit the area. Enhancing permeability and mobility across the campus and the residential area would result in dynamic interactions between the academic, scientific, and student communities and local economy and inhabitants. The project will consist in locating and developing articulations between the campus and the residential area with the aim to socially graft the local communities. These articulations will provide both public and private retreat spots allowing social encounters and activities that are complementary to the area’s primary affectations.

– Marius Ratiu

Professor – Pieter Versteegh

Advisor – Yves Pedrazinni

University – EIF & HEPIA

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